Spring musings

* We’re on the cusp of that season when you come home to a stuffy house and realize I can open the windows and snow will not drift into the living room.  To say it’s a revelation is not to overstate the situation. Soon, the curtains billow in ecstasy and the cat rediscovers her window perch, and all is right with the world. Or, in this tiny corner.

* Walking through Beacon Hill this morning, I take a deep inhale of bread and think, even the toast smells better in this quaint, historic neighborhood. And then I realize that the aroma is coming from the Subway on the edge of the neighborhood where fresh bread is baking every day. So they say.


* Do you remember when May Day meant dancing around the maypole and homemade paper baskets filled with flowers left on your door? I miss that.

* A pigeon pecking at bread crumbs in the park tried to woo me with its iridescent green neck. I am a little beautiful, he says, and he is right.


2 thoughts on “Spring musings

  1. Have I told you before how much I love your writing? I come here almost every day to see if you’ve left me a nugget. The pigeon…I am a little beautiful. That, my friend, took my breath away. Love.

    • Oh, Kim. That’s so nice. And undeserved since I’ve been such a slacker here. But I’ve been at a poetry festival all weekend, which always spurs creativity, so this stretch should last awhile. : )

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