Yard sale finds

If your grandmother left you a necklace of darling green beads, you might restring it to suit your taste, but I bet you wouldn’t sell it at a yard sale.

You would? Heartless.

But would you sell it for 50 cents as if it’s costume jewelry you picked up at the mall on a whim?

That’s just a slap in the face to grandma.

I rescued the necklace from the traitorous adult granddaughter and was pleased to find it goes with a remarkable number of outfits. That’s grandma for you; she had style.

At another stop, I scored a pair of woven chairs for $7, which are tucked under my table, happy in their new home. But not as happy as I, given that they sold for $75 each at Ikea (which seems a bit steep for IKEA, no?) and work well with my table and pared-down style. While the mom took some toys off one chair so I could put it in my car, her daughter kept putting dolls on the other one, propping them up as if to say, They come as a set. I didn’t take the dolls, but I found a couple tops and a funky belt.

And rest assured unknown grandma: I will never sell your necklace at a yard sale.







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