Odd lots

^ Where have you gone chiseled swimmers, scary-strong gymnasts, and freakish water polo players? I miss you.

^ In the morning, I walk by a group practicing Tai Chi in the park, slow and quiet in their movements, until their paper fans snap open in unison.

^ On sunny days, a balloon artist sets up shop near the Frog Pond where children dart in and out of the fountain. He readies long, skinny balloons, poised to become animals. After 5:00, this same man appears on my train heading north with his balloon cart. I want to ask him for a giraffe or a hippo, but a balloon pops and everything is still.

^ In a cafe at lunch, I hear two girls talking about me. Except it’s not me, just my name. But for a minute I listen to what this other me is doing: moving to another apartment with more square footage and a washer / dryer, apparently. Good call, me.

^ Did you know you could get faux mink lash extensions? Why not real mink? I bet they have beautiful lashes.

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