Fly away home

A ladybug alighted on me while I was waiting for the train to pull in this morning, heading to work. I resisted the urge to brush it away and with it, luck; so content was it on my flowery red and black shirt that it wasn’t until I got off the train a half an hour later and walked outside that I saw a wee little thing take flight from my chest. I’m pretty sure I don’t have a magical chest (well, who am I to say?), so I imagine it was the ladybug, hitching a ride to work. I spent the day worrying if it would make it back to Salem, unless it was seeking adventure, looking to break free of the coastal town in search of urban living where there’s more action, grit, and other bugs. Country bug or a city bug? If you need a ride back, little one, I’ll be on the 5:15 train.


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