Odd lots

* Overheard in the park: “And remind me: I HAVE to order my garter. It’s a Red Sox theme; isn’t that awesome? AND it counts as something blue.”

Regrettably, I was not invited to that wedding.

* Checked out the delightful new Plum Consignment in Beverly this weekend where the owner accepted all my clothes for consignment and did not once wrinkle her nose like other shopkeepers are wont to do. My Lucky blouse is on a mannequin in the window (hello, old friend) in case you’re in a shopping, blousey mood. And how many times did I pick up a cute shirt only to realize, Wait, this was mine . . .

* Took the ferry home on Thursday, and while the wind-in-your-hair commute is hard to beat, this replacement boat (regular ferry is under repair) featured a few scattered plastic chairs and a weird passenger guy who stood grinning with arms outstretched as we came into the harbor, all king-of-the-world style. Close your eyes and you’d swear you were at a backyard family reunion. Also, the boat was much slower than the regular ferry; we could have made it to Martha’s Vineyard or rowed our way north faster. But it was so hot, the ocean spray offered a welcome respite, like that neighborhood sprinkler you can’t help but run through when no one’s looking. Or even when they are.

* The next day dawned just as hot, like so hot your dress straps are falling down and you don’t care kind of day because moving your arm expends way. Too. Much. Energy.

* Surprise! Saturday was hot too, until the sky offered up more rain than a person could absorb running from the grocery store to the car. My Celebration of Rain Dance in the parking lot was quite refreshing and when I lost the umbrella and just gave in, I looked not unlike a crazy person with outstretched arms pretending she’s king of the world.


One thought on “Odd lots

  1. One of the great delights of blogging is living vicariously through others. Out here on the west coast we’re suffering through another “Juneuary” and so the thought of a day so hot that ocean spray is welcome provides me with a fleeting reminder that summer will, eventually, come…

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