Puppet bathtime

I’m a little slow when it comes to projects. I realized in cleaning the basement today that I had bought this trio of friendly-faced puppets fully intending to give them a good soak right away. That was one year ago.

But today was bath time for the puppets. Furry, buoyant bodies floated in sudsy water as I kept dunking their heads under to clean them (another reason I shouldn’t have kids). I left them to drip-dry while I cruised eBay, curious about their value. I learned what I suspected: they’re probably Steiff, a German company known for its collectible stuffed animals, probably worth a few hundred dollars, and probably best to check online next time before I go plunging valuable little bodies under water.

The drying cycle




3 thoughts on “Puppet bathtime

    • No worries at all. One of the problems with immersing the items in water is that the excelsior stuffing gets wet, and then tends to expand. This puts huge stress on the mohair, and sometimes causes it to rip and tear. Fingers crossed this didn’t happen here for you. Teddy hugs, SG

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