Yard sale finds

For just shy of $20, I snapped up two tops and a dress from a woman my size, herbs from a garden club sale (basil, thyme and chives), a stout owl figurine, and a miniature tin memento holder that’s meant to display a special trinket on the wall.

“I’m glad you understand that this is meant for something special,” the seller tells me as she hands me my change for the little display case. With that, the pressure is on. Nothing comes immediately to mind and I suspect the thing will sit in a corner until I’m able to decide what to display.

And then yesterday, I saw a chipmunk. I love chipmunks, their compact, striped bodies and puffy cheeks; what’s not to love? I recalled my childhood desire to have a pet chipmunk.


I will capture a chipmunk and put him in the display case. The box is small, so I’d have to fold him in there, but it could work. Like a lepidopterist with his pinned butterflies, I will have my prized chipmunk, even if I have to jam him in there and close the door quickly.

My friend pointed out that the chipmunk would wither and die in there, but I don’t think we need to focus on that . . .


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