Zappy the wonder squirrel

You might think this is a post about a squirrel that can surf or skateboard, but it’s not. It’s an ode to a neighborhood squirrel that lost his life on a routine scamper across the electrical wires, something he and generations before him had done uneventfully for centuries. Birds are always striking a pose on the wires, and nothing happens to them either. But Zappy, so named by a neighbor to reflect the unfortunate circumstances of his death, was unlucky. The neighborhood electrician figures Zappy put his paw very precisely on the wrong spot—not an easy thing to do.

The fried squirrel has been hanging from the wire since January in a remarkable feat of tenacity—intact and still fuzzy. Some neighbors pointed him out to me, so I darted out of the way; if there was a time when Zappy would plummet to the ground, it would be when I was standing directly below him.

I’m sorry there’s no picture. But you’d be sorry if there were.

So, a moment, if you will, to honor the death of a furry gray rodent that wanted nothing more than to go from one pole to another.


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