Back to the 80s

I was volunteering at a high school the other day—an eye-opener in itself for someone who doesn’t hang out at high schools much—and the fashion floored me (seriously, I almost took to the floor breakdancing). Heart-dotted leggings, neon jackets, and fluorescent headbands abounded. Side ponytails, mandatory. Friendship and stretchy bracelets up the arms. It could have been any day in 1986.

Then Madonna busts out with “Vogue” and “Like a Prayer” at the Super Bowl.

This morning, I watched a kid on the T work a Rubik’s cube. Blue, red, turn, turn, red.

And “21 Jump Street” is now a movie—without Johnny Depp or Richard Greico (really, what is the point?).

People, what is going on?? I know all trends return, but so help me God if they start peddling those giant banana clips and acid-washed jeans. I will defect.


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