Hiding out

Whenever I leave the house, Maple is usually gazing out the patio door checking out the squirrel situation. It’s rare that she’s not at her post when I head out, so I have a habit of doing a quick check on her location to ensure she isn’t accidentally trapped in the closet as was the case once when she tiptoed in when I wasn’t looking.

So, the other day, after checking the closet and confirming that she wasn’t behind the couch (her go-to hiding spot), or behind the wardrobe or under the bed, I was worried that she had vaporized—until I saw the corner of the armoire curtain was amiss. A cursory looked turned up nothing, but a second look deep into the recesses of the assorted linens and pillows revealed a surprised Maple, nestled in mosquito netting.


2 thoughts on “Hiding out

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