Yard sale haul

It’s been one year this week when I moved into my very own little house with its very own naked walls. I love a great photograph or painting but I’m also discriminating. You can’t just slap up motivational posters like it’s college. So, the art collection to rival the Met is slow in the making. But slowly I’m finding pieces that I love. And given that I have a fixation with owls ever since reading Wesley the Owl, I practically hooted when I discovered this treasure at a yard sale.

A little research turned up the fact that Ikki Matsumoto is the artist and that he features a lot of whimsical animals in his work, inspired by his mentor, Charley Harper. Who (sorry) could resist these stick-legged owls gazing at the night sky with comets in their eyes? Come on! How awesome are these little guys? $5 worth of awesome, though I would have paid a lot more.

The next weekend’s sale brought in this vibrant print for $3, a beach scene I snapped up, ironically, hours before the first snowfall.

Accessories were practically begging to go home with me, so I gave in to temptation and scored a horsehair belt, which is probably not horsehair, but I don’t know how else to describe it, two dangly pairs of earrings, and a Scotty dog ring that makes me feel like I have a dog without all the hassle.



One thought on “Yard sale haul

  1. Do you still have the ikki print? I’m staying at a condo in Florida & they have one too. So cute! Trying to find one online but not having much luck. Thanks, Abby

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