Pepe, is that you?

It’s dusk and Maple is on the lookout for the funny-looking black and white cat that slinks under the gate and into the patio every night to nibble on pods that fall from the tree.

The treats are pink and bulbous and the squirrels go to town on them too, so they must be tasty. Animals coming from miles around for this delicacy, apparently.


Still, I don’t want my furball sprayed by Pepe, so I ease over to the door to scoop her up only to find a second skunk waddling by to check out the flower pots. An infestation.

At dinner, PBS is generous enough to air a show on the crafty world of skunks, illustrating close up how they secrete that spray. Not exactly dinner fare. And while the narrator insists that skunks retreat first and spray only when surprised or threatened, I can’t help but think a human and cat inches away through a screen door might signal danger and an upturned tail.


2 thoughts on “Pepe, is that you?

  1. haha!,you know you just have to have sympathy for an animal who’s only means of defense is to lift its tail and let you have it..aww.
    I’m beginning to think new england has its perils! (must be nice to see this in your backyard though)….

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