A few good things

The unexpected return of Parenthood this week with its savvy kids, spot-on music, and giant, quirky family that always ends up dancing in the kitchen or amid twinkly backyard lights—a backdrop to serious, ongoing family drama.


A friend getting married this weekend sent me his vows in a rush to get a chick’s thumbs up. I toyed with changing some choice words to add a little comic relief to the ceremony but resisted. To ensure they were words a woman wants to hear, I called Javier Bardem to read them to me.

“Just say these words, Javi,” I told him. “And don’t skimp on the accent.”

Sufficiently swooned, I gave my friend the go-ahead.


Watching, ahem, toned, kite surfers at Castle Island while waiting for my friend Katie where we exchanged Best News Ever! and Worst News Possible! while walking around on a summery September night before scoring the perfect wooden desk chair left on the sidewalk (not stolen, promise) and rolling it ten blocks to her apartment where the wheel only fell over every other block.


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