Pros and cons and a hamster

Are you struggling to make a decision? Weighing the pros and cons has often worked for me. Except once you’ve made a list and you see clearly that the “pros” have won out, don’t you still kind of feel drawn to the “cons” or vice versa? Sometimes the pros list may be long, but there’s one giant con lurking on the short list. When I first saw this Excel template, I thought: ridiculous. Who needs a template when writing “Pro” in one column and “Con” in another is as easy as folding the paper?

Then I realized you could weight the categories. So, say you’re deciding whether or not to get a hamster.

I'm worth the investment.

If the expense of owning a hamster is paramount to your decision-making process (those tunnels add up), you might give cost a “4,” but if the reward of its photogenic adorableness¬†is even more important, you could tag that a “5.” Then take a good long look at your list. Numbers don’t lie. Still, isn’t it best to go with your gut?



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