Yard sale haul

Last week’s yard sale haul, scored in the rain, was exactly one item—one coveted item that I’ve been trolling Craigslist for for weeks where the prices range from $40-$100. In Marblehead, it was mine for $15. I like the way it looks on the bookcase, but I’m hoping to give it a tune-up too and see if it will crank out some good prose, albeit at a glacial pace. Back in the day, I wrote my first short stories on one of these bad boys, sticking keys, correction tape and all. Ding!

This week, I got a cheesy spa kit (made in China! Surprise!) but I like the glass apothecary jars and they came with soap, so I’ll be refilling those suckers ($4); a black and gray zipper dress that promises to be entirely too short, but I can’t resist a zipper anything, especially for 50 cents; a stack of Real Simple magazines, and a funky, colorful necklace for two bucks. Cat not included.


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