Library of old

I’ve been dying to read Ann Patchett’s new book State of Wonder, so when I got the email that the book had arrived at the library, I trekked there in the storm. Opening the heavy door, I peered in to a dark, cavernous Salem Library: the electricity was out. Such a quiet, tranquil spot the library is, but all the more so when it’s dark and cool. All I could think though was: will I still be able to pick up my book?

“Sure,” the librarian said, switching on a flashlight. She scanned the Hold shelf for my book and handed it over, noting my card number and the book title on a paper log, like the days of old.

We agreed the lights-out night at the library was kind of nice.

“I told the other librarians we should roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories,” she said.

“Plenty of stories here,” I said.

And here in Salem, all the stories are ghost stories.

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