Yard sale haul

While my mom was visiting from Virginia, we hit the yard sales in Cambridge and Newton straight from the airport. Dedicated recyclers, we are. While she didn’t find much that could fit in her suitcase, I found well, too much: a tackle box-turned-toolbox to replace the cardboard box I’ve carried my tools around in for a decade. (“Make sure it doesn’t smell like fish,” my mom warns. Oddly ,it doesn’t) for 3 bucks; shoes that are so cute I can’t understand how the woman never wore them ($3 each); the new Paul Simon and Fleet Foxes CD ($1 each—take that, iTunes), a planter ($2); some cute tops and a dress that would be more appropriate as a top given that you could see London and France when I tried it on, and ceramic dish, book, and garden topiary thingy that was wrapped in twinkly lights that I now see was a mistake because while it was $1, it has a European plug, which I’ll need to buy a converter for, i.e., not so much of a bargain, but twinkly nonetheless.


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