Yard sale haul

Memorial Day is not a popular yard sale weekend, but I took advantage of the gorgeous day to scout out sales in tony Marblehead. At least three of the sales offered an ocean view, the best bargain of all. Still, I raked in all this good stuff for $26:

An old white planter (flowers not included) for $2, a finely weaved basket also for $2, a Cuisinart toaster ($15) with free crumbs, thyme ($2), a magazine, t-shirt, and a trio of old puppets for $1 each. A guy my age was selling the puppets—a bear, fox, and rabbit—and said he unearthed them from the basement after 30 years. Is that any way to treat childhood friends?

“Unlikely friends, the fox and the rabbit,” he said.


One thought on “Yard sale haul

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