Inception, a day later than everyone else

You know what’s crazy? That movie Inception. I finally watched it on DVD.

You know what’s crazier? The end, when your brain has just been blown, and you’re not even sure why, and you want to watch the director’s commentary so he can explain everything, and there’s no commentary. Sorry, but that should be required, as should subtitles on all films from Northern Ireland.

Since then, I’ve talked to some film students around here and my head has exploded. I thought I had a handle on the movie. I really did. I dissected the layers and was following along and everything. Mostly. But now my head is swimming with theories: Is it her dream? His dream? The old Japanese guy’s dream? Is that guy even alive? Will the top stop spinning?

My favorite theory is that Inception is a film about filmmaking. The architect represents the set designer, the ringleader the director, the forger the actor, and so on. Clever, right? The director isn’t saying and maybe that’s why he didn’t want to offer any commentary; it’s one of those films with multiple interpretations. But sometimes you just want the answer. It makes me wonder if Christopher Nolan even has the answer. Did he truly plot this intricate web over the past decade or did he just throw a bunch of confusion up in the air knowing that people would read into it and maybe hit on something genius?

A must-have companion piece and apparent substitute for director's commentary


2 thoughts on “Inception, a day later than everyone else

  1. Not all DVDs are the same. Retail DVDs often have more features than rentals. Rental discs are often stripped down to just the main feature.

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