Homemade granola

Given the price of granola, you’d think it was laced with gold leaf and scattered with pearls. In fact, the ingredients are simple and it’s ridiculously easy to make. I did a lot of recipe-shopping on food blogs to find just the right inspiration. I avoided any with dried fruit (too squishy!) and any that screamed sticky. And I like my granola to be like me: nutty, so I settled on this most perfect granola recipe at the drool-inducing La Tartine Gourmande where the photographs would make you want to eat food you think you don’t like.

Homemade granola allows you to control the ingredients: you like rice puffs: go crazy. You like a granola where chocolate is the main ingredient? Do it. You like Craisins? Who are you?

I didn’t have honey, and don’t like a super-sweet granola, so I just used a little maple syrup. Also, it was touch and go when the almonds started to brown, like a second after I had last checked on the batch, so watch it carefully. Then carry it around in little snack containers so you can feel all frugal and fancy.


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