In this corner: boxing movies

In this corner: country music singer movies. I wouldn’t order the pay-per-view.

It appears there’s only one formula when it comes to making a movie about a country singer: said singer must be down and out (drugs or alcohol will do) but have one last shot at a comeback. See: Walk the Line, Crazy Heart or Country Strong. Well, don’t actually see that last one.

Strangely, boxing movies employ the same formula: down-and-out fighter is on the ropes but has One. Shot. At redemption. See: Rocky V, The Wrestler (what, are wrestling and boxing different?), The Champ, and The Fighter.

I don’t know what this means, aside from lazy movie making, but I do know that if they went at it in the ring, Stallone would take Joaquin, Gwyneth Paltrow would pummel Mickey Rourke, and Jeff Bridges vs. Mark Wahlberg is a fight I’d pay to see.

Fair fight?


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