Snow: before and after

It has been snowing here in New England for nearly 15 hours straight. It’s pretty for the first 12 hours when you’re lounging around in your pajamas, enjoying your free day off of work until you realize that 1) the day off serves only to allow you just enough time to shovel out so you can make it to work the next day, and 2) shoveling sucks.

It’s great if you like winter sports and don’t mind the cold. It’s hell if you don’t like hats.

My blog friend Kim posted that she was jealous about the snow out here. Kim lives in sunny California. If I were to say that out loud, you would hear an edge in my voice called bitterness. Don’t make me come out there, Kim, and beat you with my shovel. Don’t worry, I can’t even open my gate.

I know most Before and After photo sets really make you appreciate the after. This is not one of those.

My patio before and after:



One thought on “Snow: before and after

  1. This weather is a result of the fabulous summer weather we had – ocean swimming all the way through September!! So I’m ok with it. For now.

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