OWN: Oprah’s new network

Like millions of other women who have enjoyed watching Oprah over the years (aside from the low moments of salaciousness when the producers got desperate for story ideas), I was curious to check out her new network, OWN, launched this week, because my elaborate 200+ channel offerings are just not sufficient. Who doesn’t need someone to champion their hopes and dreams through inspirational guests and You go girl! chants?

However, the show Master Class: Jay-Z and more Dr. Phil do not a new network make. A venture of this magnitude takes enormous planning and offerings, but already her reality show (Your Own Show) and Season: 25 Oprah Behind the Scenes are playing on an endless loop, as in every night. Really? Reruns in week one?

Tomorrow is a snow day at work (woo!), which means a serious indulgence in daytime TV. I mean, who can shovel when the ladies on The View are sharpening their claws? It would have been the perfect day to settle in on the couch and bond with the big O, except I can’t see spending my day with Dr. Oz who will have me analyzing my pee followed by hours of obsessive research on WebMD.


One thought on “OWN: Oprah’s new network

  1. I’m agreeing with you. I have a mixed message relationship with Oprah myself…but I thought the network was a fine idea. However, I have only watched one show all the way through (the behind the scenes with Liza). The rest, eh…. For my non brain tv time (who am I kidding, all TV time is non brain time) I find myself relying on Gilmore Girls reruns, food channel shows (almost all of them) and ….Dog the Bounty Hunter. Yes, Dog. I love Dog, and I love his wife, Beth, even more. 56 of them lined up on our DVR, right now.
    Oh, and so jealous of your snow day….

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