A snow day To Do list

Sometimes a snow day can be the most productive. I’d suggest the following:

Get up late. Really late. Aim for the afternoon.

Consider getting up and then grab a book.

Listen the plow rumble by and the neighborhood shoveling brigade.

Consider shoveling.

Laugh uncontrollably.

Crank the heat to be warm if it goes out.

Eat breakfast while watching relentless but compelling Blizzard of 2010 coverage.

Be grateful you don’t have to park on the street, or evacuate your beach house, or sleep at the airport.

Do yoga online and discover it’s easier than going to the gym and that no one crowds your Warrior Three.

Layer up, grab a shovel, and open the door.

Close the door.

Bake chocolate chip scones that come out like puffy cookies. Eat more scone cookies than you think you could.

Mentally prepare yourself to shovel.

Wedge open the patio gate and watch in slow motion as a gust slams the gate into your head.

Consider the possibility that you have a concussion.

Rejoice at the possibility of head trauma if it means you can get out of shoveling.

Resume the inevitable.

Engage in a cardiac workout that will eliminate the need to work out for eight months.

Go back to bed.

Resolve to stay there if it ever snows again.


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