Weekend ingredients

Every weekend should involve equal parts art, friends, food, exercise, books, and lounging. Weekends are short, but sometimes the stars align and the ingredients come together. On Friday, I attended an art reception where a friend had a pastel on exhibit that she made using Craypas she scored at my yard sale and that I must have had since high school. She’s an artist, you know; I don’t know if she knows this for sure, so I’ve been demanding that she introduce herself to people by saying, “Hello, my name is Helena, and I am a kick-ass artist.” Also, she got all my SARK books when I moved, so she’s super inspired and better start selling her work so I can say I knew her when. The exhibit was a juried collection of work by students who have taken a class at the Arlington Center for the Arts, and truly, the work surpassed that of the MFA student exhibit that I attended last week.

On Saturday, I dinnered with seven fabulous women, and as we were passing the sweet potatoes and spoonbread, I thought, We could rule the world.

Sunday involved a brisk hike along the river that turned into more of a walk since there was no uphill. A hill is required for a walk to be considered a hike, right? If you walk fast enough though, you can achieve semi-warmth, even in 30-degree weather, if you wear three shirts. The lure of the used book store sale (half off everything) resulted in two new novels with sublime opening paragraphs. Then, gorging on chicken wings and Northern Exposure episodes.


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