Ditching the disks

I think it’s time to throw away my old computer disks. I know you’re laughing at me right now because you haven’t owned a disk in a decade. But what if I need one of those files I painstakingly saved to the disks during the pre-flash drive days? True, I haven’t needed them in years—OK, ever—but what if they contain that one thing I’m sure to need as soon as I ditch them? You’re right. I won’t ever need to peruse 2002’s budget. But tossing them means acknowledging that it’s the end of an era, that newer technology has come along. That newer technology came along a long time ago. I think I just need permission to let them go. For now, I’ll just dust around them.

2 thoughts on “Ditching the disks

  1. Ah! the Floppy disk will live on, at least as micro-niche for retro-computing geeks.

    Personnaly, I have been aquiring more floppies (5 1/4 inch and 3 inch) instead of getting rid of them.

    You can still put a full novel in plain text on these little wonders 😛

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