Beach hair

Most people feel the sun and ocean do a number on their hair, but the salt water actually gives my do this wild, curly look, which, yes, is an improvement over its regular tendency toward frizz. So, I’ve determined that I need to live by the ocean (for many reasons, but lately, this one) where I can take a dip each morning and emerge ready for work. My co-worker points out that in New England, this may only be viable four months of the year. But in Hawaii, I could have decent hair every day. Please send leads for inexpensive, oceanfront homes in Maui. Thanks.

This is not me, but you get the idea.


3 thoughts on “Beach hair

  1. I can join you because, as you know, my hair does the same thing. But I don’t know which side would win in Hawaii – the humidity making it big and wild or the salt water simply making it curlier and wild.

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