Saturday yard sale haul

I’m an avid yard sale shopper, so it’s only natural that spring brings Saturday posts full of bargains. Allow me to introduce Saturday Yard Sale Haul. Today was rare: I only made it to one yard sale. But let me tell you, the other crazies were out too, and by the time I hit this sale, 5 minutes after it started, the place was milling with women, arms brimming with goodies. Perhaps it was the lucky confluence of the first yard sale of the season and the fact that it’s finally stopped raining that brought everyone to this one yard, or maybe it was just the promise of some good stuff. Europeans having yard sales are the best. They offer up beautifully designed things and a few trinkets they’ve carted over from abroad. Mothers were leaving with Japanese storybooks, French jumpers, and unusual games for their kids.

I scored a unique Japanese mortar and pestle for $1 (!) and a nice assortment of cards, including a little packet of gift bags from one of my favorite designers, Lotta Jansdotter. A good start to the season followed by yoga, an indulgent visit to Formaggio where I reluctantly put down the $10.25 pint of ice cream, and reading on the porch.


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