Procrastinating through organizing

There’s nothing I like better when I have a new editing project than to find something that needs organizing, pronto. Being on a week deadline makes me feel I have to organize the pantry now. I can’t possibly edit a report knowing that there are opened bags of pasta and bags of flour held closed with a binder clip in the pantry especially after having seen a moth—the same kind of moth that I thought died in the winter—that threatens to infiltrate the grains again this year. 

Well, not so fast, my fluttery friend. I will starve you out with my secured jars and milk jugs of rice. I have invested in glass because 1) glass is better for reheating and 2) you can’t eat through glass like you ate through my box of oatmeal and plastic bag of nuts. Can you?

I’ve learned two things during this project: 1) I have an extraordinary amount of baking supplies that includes four types of flour, and 2) my pantry before and after turned out nothing like the before and afters you see on online in those step-by-step guides that reveal maniacally symmetrical jars lines up on shelves with nary a box of macaroni out of place.

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