Mini movie reviews

The Staircase is a riveting 6-hour documentary about a man on trial for allegedly killing his wife. Or did she fall down a staircase? Six hours feels inadequate because you’ll be sure he did it and then sure he didn’t.

The Hurt Locker is gripping, stellar movie making. I mean, no one really wants to watch a movie about the war in Iraq but I feel like the least we can do is to try to understand it from the comfort of our plush couches. The camera work is intimate and every shot is wrought with tension. Five minutes in, I thought, No one should have to do this job. 

Glengarry Glen Ross is classic David Mamet filled with more F bombs than a sailor documentary. The story is simple—salesmen grapple for leads, trying to outsell each other while conversing in that idiosynchratic Mamet speak. The film features a cast of young whippersnappers: Alec Baldwin, Jack Lemmon, Ed Wood, Kevin Spacey, and Al Pacino, all performances worth watching in this testosterone-filled flick.

A Town Called Panic is a charming stop-motion French film that played in a screening room so small I thought I was in somebody’s living room, though it should be playing in wide release. Its quirky plastic toy characters, Cowboy, Indian, and Horse, get into all kinds of trouble and are entertaining to watch in simple scenes like Horse takes a bath. Click on the poster for a preview.


One thought on “Mini movie reviews

  1. Hurt Locker was good, except for the ending. They made the audience think that there was some kind of story in it when it was really a mockumentary.

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