Pork meatballs

This summer, my friend Kim and I went to this stellar outdoor dinner put on by the folks of Outstanding in the Field and I’ve been pining for the pork meatballs ever since. They were tender, flavorful balls of porkiness. So I was excited to stumble across this recipe for pork meatballs on The Wednesday Chef blog, and even more excited when they proved to be delicious. Was the recipe more time consuming than I anticipated? Yes, it was. But an hour and a half later, I had me a big bowl of pasta and little meat clouds. Of course, about 20 minutes of the prep was devoted to looking for my mortar and pestle that I could not find in the box in storage marked, “Extra Kitchen Stuff I Never Use,” but still. I ended up toasting the fennel seeds and unsuccessfully crushing them with a rolling pin. And I had coriander, not coriander seeds, so no crushing needed there. Anyway, good stuff. Sadly, they did not photograph as well, but use your imagination.


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