Project 365

This year I challenged myself to take a photo a day. I’m happy to report that January 2010 is fully covered, leaving me with a photo diary that’s as colorful and eclectic as a quesadilla. Turns out, my photos are often of things like quesadillas or whatever else I’m eating that day. To keep myself accountable, I joined the Project365 group on Flickr, dutifully posting my pic every day, even if a review of said photos reveals that I should have joined the What I Ate picture a day. Oh well. Next year.

Here’s my project so far. You can keep up with it on a link in my blogroll if you’re so inclined. It’s over there →

So far, it’s getting me outside where the light is good and there are more interesting subjects than my bed. I’m staring at people and taking covert shots in cafes, and I often find myself pausing before I chow down on a meal that I appreciate now not just for its taste, but for its composition.

And I know that come this time next year, I’ll appreciate having a journal of my year because despite being a writer, I find it near impossible to jot down a thing in any of those blank journals I’ve accumulated. Plus, a picture says more. You might even say a picture is worth a thousand words. Hey! I’m gonna coin that phrase.

3 thoughts on “Project 365

  1. I’m loving being a P365 buddy with you. Have you done one of those mosaics? It’s on Big Labs (my guess is and really easy. It’s kind of neat to see the whole group together.

    BTW, I would like to invite myself over for quesadillas and brownies.


  2. It’s funny because I saw your mosaic, and I was like, Oh, I have to do that! And then in the next breath: Oh, it’s probably too complicated. Then your comment just convinced me to try it…but apparently I already have it. Ha!

    The brownies are ready.

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