I need a horse blanket

On a recent walk, I saw a horse munching on hay in a cold, snowy paddock yet he seemed content. The blanket looked so heavy it might smother me, but it did appear to be keeping this giant warm. I’m thinking of investing. And taking horseback riding lessons. And taking a trip to Montana where you can get up at dawn when it’s cold enough to want to wear a horse blanket while you’re riding a horse. And you can ride in wide open spaces, sing campfire songs while roasting marshmallows, and be stunned by the sky.


3 thoughts on “I need a horse blanket

  1. I have a horse blanket in my garage. It’s a lovely blue and green plaid. It goes perfect with chestnut hair. Though on horses, I think they call the hair a coat. Which makes things more confusing, especially since it’s 6:24 am in CA (and 60 degrees today).

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