The one glove dilemma

My heart sinks when I spy one lonely mitten on the T or a glove smushed and alone on the sidewalk, forever lost. Finding the perfect gloves are impossible. Plus, that one hand is gonna freeze until you do. This quote, which accompanied my A Word A Day email yesterday, describes the agony that the loser of the single glove must endure:

Losing one glove / is certainly painful, / but nothing / compared to the pain, / of losing one, / throwing away the other, / and finding / the first one again. -Piet Hein, poet and scientist (1905-1996)


2 thoughts on “The one glove dilemma

  1. A few years ago I lost a glove. I looked all over the office for it without luck. It was gone. I must have dropped it somewhere, but who knew where.

    About a week later I was walking to work. As usual, I stopped in the coffee shop. And when I stepped outside with coffee in hand, I spotted my glove. In the street. In a slush puddle. Repetitively squished by 1000 cars. Dead.

    I picked up my poor glove and took it to the office. Once it dried, it came back to life. I still wear those gloves. It’s impossible to tell which one was squished.

    Regardless, I love them both equally.

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