Overflowing ricotta muffins

Let me say right away that while my neighbors may have seen smoke billowing out my kitchen door and while the smell of batter burning in the oven may have nearly overpowered me, making me also consider the fact that my fire extinguisher probably dead a decade ago, there was no fire. But if there were, it would have been worth saving these muffins.

In search of a not-too-sweet breakfast muffin, I found this recipe on Smitten Kitchen, which is an interesting combination of ricotta and fennel. Not sold on the fennel flavor (I can’t get sausage out of my head), I only threw them in a few. While I was pleasantly surprised, I still preferred the milder version sans seeds.

One thing though, while I know you’re supposed to read the recipe through, and while I’m quite sure I did this, I didn’t realize internalize the importance of the steps, i.e., not overfilling the muffin tins with batter. So while one tin came out splendidly, the other emerged as a giant 6-in-1 muffin. You’ve been warned.


2 thoughts on “Overflowing ricotta muffins

  1. I’d say without the near-oven fire, which necessitated a lot of fan action and smoke alarm disconnecting, they were doable. Not quick, but not ridiculously time-consuming either. Skipping the fennel seeds (roasting and grinding) and forgoing the pastry bag would help.

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