Sleep No More

Sleep No More is the most unusual theater experience you’ll ever have. It’s what theater can be. A British drama troupe, Punchdrunk, puts on a Macbeth-meets-Hitchcock production that takes place in an old school in Brookline. You wander through, choosing to check out this room (an old-style dressing room with a ceiling covered in umbrellas) or that room (a recreated forest that engulfs you in fog), all in semi-darkness while wearing a mask. Exquisite details abound. The acting, when you stumble upon it, happens all over the building and you can watch the actors in a scene in one room or chase them down the hall in another. There’s much to reveal, but I won’t because you must see it.

Except you can’t: it’s sold out. As it should be. There are Craigslist postings for tickets, which are as sought after as Super Bowl tickets, and the option of waiting (a long time in the cold) for standby tickets. Be warned, you won’t be the only one waiting; but you’ll probably be the only one who’s seeing it for the first time. Everyone else will be on their third or fourth visit because there’s something new to discover each time.


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