Santa plus technology

I always thought the best part of a meteorologist’s job was not forecasting the weather, but tracking Santa on that green-screen map on Christmas Eve. Meteorologists might have one dull job, but on this one night, they shined.

Kids today though, can just punch up Google Maps for a high-tech NORAD Santa Tracker with a variety of options to watch the big guy cruising into their neighborhood: Google Earth, Twitter, Facebook. Cool, but it kind of diminishes the old-fashioned spirit for me. I like to picture the whole North Pole as it is in my imagination: elves cobbling away, not tweeting; Mrs. Claus baking cookies, not updating her Facebook status to Finally, the house to myself; and Santa, making his way around the globe by some magical ability, landing on the roof only when I was asleep. Well, Santa, this year, don’t sweat it: I’ll text you when I’m going to bed.


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