Seven good things about less Christmas

This year, my family and I have decided to ease up on the gift-giving chaos that is Christmas in America, and I couldn’t be happier. Allow me to enumerate the reasons.

1. I just saved a paycheck.

2. Those days spent cruising the mall, not to mention the parking lot? I just got my life back.

3. I don’t need more stuff. In fact, I want less stuff for Christmas; I’m putting that on my list. Less stuff for Christmas, please.

4. No more cruising the aisles of CVS on Christmas Eve wondering if a wind-up talking reindeer is a suitable gift for say, everyone.

5. Wrapping? No human can fold those stupid flaps properly anyway.

6. Heading off a green crisis at seeing all that wrapping paper strewn about, wrinkled and unsalvageable, that the dog tried to eat anyway.

7. No luggage to check, which means more room in the carry-on for books. Underwear and books. Because really, that’s all you need for Christmas.

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