Boot crisis

Alert. There’s been a boot buying catastrophe. After getting public input and long pondering which winter boots to buy, I placed my order for the plum patent leather number. Anticipating their arrival any day now, I would run up the porch steps when I got home hoping that the estimated one week shipping actually meant overnight. So, I was more than disappointed when I got an email from Amazon informing me that my boots, ordered from one of their shoe merchants, is out of stock.

I have taken to bed in hopes that I might recover in time to celebrate Christmas. My roommate reminded me that had I gone with the furry pair that she recommended, it’s likely I would be walking around the house in my boots as we speak. 

Instead, I’m checking the forecast every 4.5 minutes to make sure no snow is predicted, because even though I haven’t owned snow boots in years, I feel having a pair when the snow comes is imperative this winter, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to reach a decision before the spring. These things take time.


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