Give me the boot

I need your help, people. I’m buying my first pair of snow boots since I was like, eight, and I’m having trouble deciding. I can’t make a decision like this on my own.

The candidates:

There are the sporty and fuzzy Earth Newton

Or the shiny, preppy Tretorn

Or the gleaming eggplant Earth Elite

Or, or, or the buckled, warrior-like Earth Serengeti.

Don’t let the size of that last image bias you or anything. Let the voting begin.


6 thoughts on “Give me the boot

  1. ok, so the last one is so, so cool, and I think one should be warrior-like whenever the opportunity presents itself. But I think I am not the one you should ask. Your toes. What do they think? Which ones make them say, “ahhhhhhh, thank you, mmmmmmm.”

  2. Thank you for your help, fashionable friends, including those who voted offline. I wanted the badass green warrior ones, but the sole pair remaining in the world, apparently, is a size 5.5, so I went with the shiny purple number, which as my friend in Japan pointed out, could work with a skirt or while shoveling snow. Domo!

  3. Well, I was too slow to weigh in on this one; but, for what it’s worth, that was my choice as well. I even went so far as to consider your personal fashion sense — as I remember it from c. 2003.

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