Jury duty

The reaction of most people when I told them I have jury duty today is, “Ugh, sorry.” But not me. Nope. I just rip that envelope open, eager to see where I’ll be fulfilling my patriotic duty, ready to serve.

Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But I certainly don’t get all annoyed or start making up excuses. It’s called a democracy, people. People in oppressed countries would kill for such a privilege. Of course, then they’d get their own trial. Still. 

The point remains that you should not be a whiner when it comes to serving on a jury of your peers. They are, after all, your peers. OK, maybe Vinnie doesn’t seem like your peer at first blush because he knocked off a daycare center, but he is. He’s you in a desperate situation. And, like a good peer, you have to let him know that this was a dumb choice and deliver a “guilty” verdict. But if Vinnie looks like a nice guy and promises never to do it again, well, OK. Not guilty it is. 

Mostly though, I like jury duty because they tend to spring you at lunch, which means the afternoon off—a patriotic thing indeed.


One thought on “Jury duty

  1. I’m with you on this one — the idea of jury duty has always fascinated me.

    Alas, the only time I got called up, they rejected me and I had to slink off early, my curiosity unsatisfied.

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