I love you, New York, I Love You

Catching a matinee in the middle of the day is a holiday well spent, I always say. Actually, I never say that. It’s true though.

Critics hailed Paris, Je T’aime, a compilation of vignettes about the city offered up by several directors, but I attest New York, I Love You was better. Extrapolate, if you must, taking that as a vote for New York over Paris, but I couldn’t say. Never been to Paris. I’d hazard a guess that Paris may have more twinkly lights, but New Yorkers have better stories.

Of course, these are fictional shorts, but they feel authentically New York: a man and woman hook up after drinks, a bickering octogenarian couple share a tender moment at Coney Island, a pickpocket gets his pocket picked. While many are simple slice-of-life glimpses, several of the pieces surprise with an O. Henry ending, and there’s nothing I like better than being surprised by a movie. Unless it’s a surprise Wes Craven style in which case I’ll take my tidy ending.


new york i love you



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