Mike Birbiglia

My jaw hurts from laughing at comedian Mike Birbiglia who we saw Friday night at the Wilbur Theater in Boston. I’m thinking of suing him.  

I first discovered Birbigs, more of a storyteller than a traditional comedian really, on This American Life where he did a piece on attending a celebrity golf event where he discovered, much to the chagrin of himself and the other attendees, that he was billed as one of the celebrities. He performed another piece about his dangerous sleepwalking habit that’s well worth a listen. This weekend’s show, “I’m in the Future Also,” is a follow up to his one-man show in New York, “Sleepwalk with Me.” He has a CD, too, called “My Secret Public Journal.”

Birbiglia is a local guy who grew up in Shrewsbury, and a few of his high school friends were even in the audience. Who better to appreciate his story of getting sick at a carnival while riding the The Scrambler with your seventh grade crush? His stories are drawn from his life and don’t need embellishment. He tells them simply and with just the right touch of humor. Because really, if you can’t laugh at life, especially the troublesome or humiliating moments, what’s the point?


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