Rushing to yoga

Do you find yourself always rushing to yoga, arriving sweaty and out of breath—the exact opposite of the calm you’re trying to achieve? On one hand, you can’t be late because how obnoxious is that person who walks in late and disrupts the flow? On the other hand, it’s ridiculous to get all stressed out and race to yoga like you’re Danica Patrick, who I imagine has a difficult time keeping to the speed limit during a simple trip to the gym. I find I’m barely on time for a massage either. Nothing like rushing to relax.

But this weekend, my friend and I are headed to a yoga and hiking retreat in the White Mountains where we plan to do some serious lounging. Sure, there will be morning yoga, an afternoon hike, and evening yoga, but staying at the lodge will make it impossible to be late. It’ll be a matter of rolling out of bed and into the studio or the woods. We plan to maximize the downtime by doing as little as possible: chatting, eating, and reading in the quiet nooks that look out onto the mountains. I hear there are even rocking chairs.

yoga outside


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