I just got the slickest pair of riding boots at The Tannery, the shoe store with the friendliest cadre of Middle Eastern men. They’re cute and comfortable (I know! Impossible, right? Wait, you thought I was talking about  the men didn’t you?) because they’re made by Born, so you can actually walk in them instead of strutting around for like five minutes and having to pull them off ’cause they feel like your calf is getting a mammogram. I trekked all around Providence with them recently with nary a blister to be found.

Wait, let me take a picture of them…


The thing about boots though is that when the first crisp day of fall hits, you run out to buy them, but it turns out the next day feels like summer, and where are your boots? Standing legless and forlorn useless by the bed. Of course, if you hadn’t bought the boots, it would have turned fall—and stayed fall—overnight. So, I figure it’s a win-win: I got boots and it’s summery.

Now I just need a horse.


4 thoughts on “Boots!

  1. OMG! I need boots! Except all we have here that sells decent boots is DSW, and my husband and I got lost in a sea of boots last weekend. We were able to resist temptation, but I think this weekend may be a different story!

  2. I have to get some of those – they’re so cuteButAne how did you take such a great picture of your own boots? It almost looks like a catalog picture.

  3. Kid Icarus, isn’t DSW delightfully overwhelming? I found lots of good possibilities there for under $100. Do it!

    Carolina, I miss you too! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Visit soon!

    Tina K, thanks for the compliment. I actually took the photo looking down at my boots and rotated the photo to post it. : )

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