The unicorn of ice cream trucks

When it comes to recognizing the distant sing-song music of an ice cream truck, I have the acute hearing of a schnauzer. What’s that musical number 15 blocks away? Why, it’s the ice cream truck and it’s headed right to me. What service!

But let’s be honest, with the advent of Ben & Jerry’s, organic ice cream, goats milk ice cream, etc., popsicles and Hoodsie cups have lost their luster. So I was psyched to happen upon the Van Leeuwen artisan ice cream truck when I was in New York recently. There, parked at the corner of Prince and Greene in SoHo was the ice cream truck to crush all other ice cream trucks (think potential summer blockbuster called Ice Cream Wars in which Eddie Murphy and Kevin James do battle in trucks painted with flames with a chase scene at the end and ice cream splattered everywhere). I had heard about this truck, but in the vast city of New York, I figured it was like a unicorn—one of those mythical creatures you know is out there but never stumble upon. Well, behold the unicorn.


The truck is the sweetest, painted in a soft yellow and nicely designed. Even the flavors are illustrated with love:


My boyfriend got the pistachio, but he reports that it was bland and there was nary a pistachio to be found. I got the chocolate. Duh. You can never go wrong with chocolate.



2 thoughts on “The unicorn of ice cream trucks

  1. Yep, this truck shows up in Park Slope all the time; I definitely live in that kinda neighborhood. Glad you stumbled upon it, though…

    But the “unicorn” of ice cream trucks? You’re starting to sound like my old nemesis, Q!

  2. I definitely did a newspaper internship in college where the editor had me and a staff reporter sit in an ice cream truck for two hours and talk to the driver — who was from Romania and did this each year as a summer gig (her husband was also an ice cream guy) — and then, natch, enjoy a Nuddy Buddy on the ride.

    We heard “Turkey in the Straw” for 2 hours.

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