To market, to market

Chelsea Market in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen is foodie mecca. An old brick warehouse, the building bursts with unique architectural details like illuminated floors and grates, an old-style elevator, beams and brick archways. Bakeries, sandwich shops, and other specialty food stores fill the rambling space, good stuff all.


Inside, it’s a cavernous food hall (the Food Network is upstairs) that tempts visitors to try a little of this, a little of that. Pretty soon, you’ve oversampled.


The Milk Bar is my kind of bar: it’s all about the milk. The shop is lined floor to ceiling with old milk crates and has this great sign that recalls a line from There Will Be Blood. 


And then there’s the chocolate pudding from Sarabeth’s. Like you could resist a pudding that comes in a little glass jar with whipped cream and chocolate shavings the size of your tongue.



3 thoughts on “To market, to market

  1. Kim and I will be checking this out next month! I can’t wait! I am also hoping that there is some gluten free products there too (if not the pudding looks amazing)!
    Also, the little hole in the wall/seating area reminds me of something out of Harry Potter.

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