Take a walk

I have two favorite parts of the day: my morning walk and the moment my head hits the pillow. While one allows for rejuvenation and the other signals rest, both offer time to reflect. My morning walk is so sacred, it’s become a non-negotiable part of my day. I could leave the house later if I took the bus, but it’s the bus. And given the traffic, my walk often outpaces the bus. Instead, I walk two miles through Cambridge.

What could be better than a morning walk? A longer morning walk. A couple of times this summer, I hoofed it almost the whole way to work, about five miles. Let me tell you, walking along the river at 7 a.m. is glorious. The placid river is disturbed only by the occasional sculler or duck. Suddenly, you discover that everyone is a jogger. Mostly though, I have plenty of solitude and feel free to sing along to my iPod, which is frowned upon in the subway.

Plus I get to take in the sights. Take a walk with me…



What’s your favorite part of the day?

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