Movies that should just come out already

I’ve been anticipating three movies for eons now. All three are based on books: Where the Wild Things Are, an adaptation of the Maurice Sendak classic, which opens in October ; Disgrace based on the unsunshiney J.M. Coetzee novel, which, according to imdb, opened last year but that has yet to grace a theater (I did, however see a bill posted for this while in NYC this week) and which, frankly, should just come out already as my reward for getting through that book; and The Road, based on Cormac McCarthy’s stellar downer, that was suppose to open last Christmas but that producers must think is too damn depressing for recession-era fare. It’s supposed to open in October too. Sure. I suppose, in retrospect though, none of those screams summer fare.


4 thoughts on “Movies that should just come out already

  1. I can not wait for Where the Wild Things Are! I get teary eyed when I watch the preview. It was filmed two or three years ago. I wonder why it took so long to release it.

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