A groundhog goes to market

While I was cruising around town the other day, I spotted this this cute furry creature in a deserted parking lot, so I pulled in to investigate. A groundhog, I presume. I snapped a picture. When I told my friend Kim about it, she was like, “Yeah, real cute. That furry thing ate my tomatoes.” 

Kim has spent the summer cultivating a trio of tomato plants in containers. Almost ready to pick them, she decided to wait a few days for prime ripeness. When she went out to the yard ready to pluck, she noticed a tomato missing on one of the plants. Huh. Scanning the other plants, she saw that they had been ravaged. 

She had to admit it was kind of clever how even the groundhog had waited for optimal ripeness when selecting its produce. Makes you realize these animals have been down with the locavore movement long before humans.





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